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Welcome to Designing FI

Here you will find our Blog where we discuss topics like personal finance, life optimization, wellness and anything else that we are passionate about. In addition we have shared downloadable resources that were instrumental in our pursuit of financial independence. All of this content is completely free.
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Our Mission

Designing FI follows the path of a 40 something engineer, wife and their 2 kids who said no to keeping up with the Joneses and said yes to intentional living and Financial Independence. Follow us on our path of self-improvement as we strive to be 1% better every day.

What does Financial Independence, i.e. FI, mean to us? It means utilizing a high savings rate, between 40% and 60% of our income, to build a net worth in which our investments will support our lifestyle, enabling us to make a life’s work out of our passions.

We are not experts… We are novices sharing our experiences as we walk through them. We will make mistakes, be honest and continue to grow.


Designing FI is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing on this website or linked to it can be considered advice or guidance for financial decisions or any other matter. If uncertain, always consult a financial advisor and/or accountant. If you are utilizing a financial advisor they should be a fee-only (noncommission) advisor who is a fiduciary in all services they are providing to you.