Downloadable Resources

Wealth Accumulation Calculator​

Excel file to project wealth accumulation and track net worth

There is no shortage of 401k and net worth trackers on the internet. But I was not satisfied that the ones I found were not well suited for projecting future IRS maximum contribution limits. This Excel file has the following capabilities.

  • Estimate how many years until you reach Financial Independence (FI) with safe withdrawal rates based on the Trinity Study
  • Estimate how many years until you can begin a Roth conversion ladder, i.e. have 5 years of living expenses in a taxable investment account or in Roth contributions
  • Roth IRA & 401k calculators that allow you to input contributions manually or use maximum project future IRS contribution limits based on historic trends
  • Track yearly net worth (I do this manually because I don’t feel comfortable using services like Personal Capital which require passwords from your brokerage accounts)

Read more about this in the Wealth Accumulator post.

Become Your Own Escrow In A Brokerage Account

Excel file to track a brokerage account being used to fund future 1-time expenses

Pay for future vehicles, major home repairs, or a child’s wedding with earnings from a brokerage account while reducing your tax bill in retirement.

  • Input your 1-time expenses and frequency of expenditures to compute the amortized monthly payment based on the Assumed ROR.
  • Input log of transactions similar to a savings account register book.
  • The “Avail. Bal.” above each column is the amount you have earmarked to each expense at a given point in time

Read more about this in the Become Your Own Escrow In A Brokerage Account post.

Attic Storage System

Plans for 10 attic storage shelves with a material cost of about $50

The cost of your home is one of the largest factors that influences your over all financial success. Creating extra storage space in our attic was one way in which we have been able to live comfortably in a modest sized house, allowing us to maintain a high savings rate.

This storage system can support 3 medium size Rubbermaid totes between roof trusses spaced at 24 inches. The load is suspended from the truss top chords and diagonals.  We currently have 20 of these shelves in our attic.