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Review of The Rocket Player and iSyncr apps from JRT Studio

by FI Designer

The following post may sound like a commercial but I am not getting paid to say this. I simply get so much value out of these apps and I want to tell everyone about them. So if you are an Android user and consume loads of podcasts or music you need to be aware of these apps or something similar.

As mentioned in a previous post about reducing your cell phone bill, being intentional and downloading music or podcasts to your phone, in lieu of streaming them, is one of my favorite life optimizations. I’m sure there are many solutions out there to sync music files to your phone, but here is what I found to be an excellent solution for me and my marginally above average technical ability.

JRT Studio has 2 apps that work together to sync and play your music from iTunes. I have been using these apps for 4 years and still absolutely love them. It would not be an understatement to say they have taken my life enjoyment up a notch.


iSyncr is an app by JRT Studio that will sync the iTunes library from your computer onto your phone automatically via WiFi. It maintains play counts and ratings virtually the same as an Apple device. In addition to downloading the app to your phone, you will need a computer with iSycr desktop app running and iTunes. Once set up your computer runs iTunes in the background, managing your library and downloading the latest podcasts. iSyncr will periodically sync the iTunes library to your phone at a defined interval. I chose the Premium version for around $8 because it will sync an unlimited number of songs and playlists versus the 100 song limit of the free version.

Overall this app has been excellent and I highly recommend it, but in the spirit of full transparency here are some minor limitations to iSyncr.

  • Library Association – The app can only sync one primary iTunes library from your computer. If another iTunes library is mistakenly left open on your computer it will overwrite the library on your phone the next time it syncs.
  • Sync Schedule – Presently the app does not appear to allow the user to define a time of the day to sync. That setting was present in older versions and was particularly useful in instances when you knew what time of day new podcasts would be available.

Rocket Player

Rocket Player is an app by JRT Studio that works excellent with iSyncr to play your media. The two go together like Bacon & anything. Before I found this app I simply used the factory music player app on my phone to keep the system running light and fast. But the Rocket Player blew me away with adjustable playback speed with pitch correction and 10-band equalizer (EQ) settings.

I chose the Premium version for around $3.50 because it provided adjustable playback speed and a 10-band EQ. I appreciate the pitch correction so your music doesn’t sound like the Chipmunks. I also like that the app allows the user to set the folders on the device to search for media and excludes all other files. That way you don’t see a random voicemail download showing up in your music library.

Again this app is excellent in my opinion and I highly recommend it, but here are some minor limitations to Rocket Player.

  • Glitchy – Songs can be glitchy in rare instances. Reviews in the Google Play store mention this but I don’t think it is persistent enough to be a major complaint of mine.
  • Navigation – It takes too many menu navigation steps in my opinion to change the music playback speed. I wish there was a toggle button on the player screen to adjust the speed similar to the EQ button.

Call to Action
Please don’t stop here. If you love podcasts or music consider if these apps, or something similar, will add value to your life. I highly recommend them.


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